Feedback request on English blog

Dear English speaking blog reader,

we would like to ask you a personal feedback this time.
It takes me many hours of work each time to write our blog entry also in English and the internet availability is not getting any better or cheaper as well.
We do see the number of hits of each entry but we do not know how many people really enjoy reading our English blog.
Therefore we would like to ask you to make a comment on this blog entry, that you read our English blog.

The more of you who reply the bigger the chance that I will continue with the English blog 😉

Of course any other feedback is also welcome!
Thank you very much!


3 thoughts on “Feedback request on English blog”

  1. I greatly appreciate your efforts, both commentary and photos. We are well behind you, returning to our boat in Hiva Oa, Marquesas 4/12/19, and looking for information to guide us in our travels south and west. Thank you!

    1. Hi Denis,
      thanks for the comment. Take your time in the Pacific as long as you can 😉
      What are your plans?
      Come back to us whenever you need some information

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