Ski mountaineering Grüsch Switzerland

Home visit

Dear Friends and Blog readers,

here a few photos with comments of our home visit in Europe.

Best wishes from the rainy Whangarei!

Christmas tree
Enjoying christmas including a tree and many presents…
..with a lot of good food and the first part of the family…
Graubunden Switzerland
…then we move to the winterly Switzerland…
…celebrate with a few fine beers…
christmas cookies and pralines
…and enjoy the variety of Felicitas’ christmas cookies and chocolates 😉
Ski mountaineering Grüsch
To cope with the calories we hike up the slopes behind the house…
Ski mountaineering Grüsch Switzerland
and I am happy that I still remember how to ski down after 3 years break.
Then finally – the compass tatoos are checked out !
Ice scating Schiers Switzerland
And on New Years day we all have to go ice scating
Hockey match Grüsch Switzerland
Jannik (middle) und Fionn (right) in action while the temperature is far below 0 degrees Celcius
Snow chains
and once again Reto has to put on the snow chains
Avalanche Safien Graubunden Switzerland
Because of this avalanche this valley was closed for several days
But also as we visit Sylke and Michel in the Western part of Switzerland it is snowing heavily…
so we enjoy the break in the cosy hut…
and get spoiled with “Flammkuchen” together with Kathrin and Paul.
Ski mountaineering Avers Switzerland
Then finally a day with sun AND powder and I am happy to join Christa and Roman on a tour in the Avers in the south of Graubunden.
Ski mountaineering Avers Switzerland
After a bit more than 1100 meters hiking up we enjoy the view over the alps..
Ski mountaineering Avers Switzerland
…but even more the untouched slopes with the perfect amount of powder on all the way down!!
In the meantime Reto is playing hockey with Jannik and Gabirela…
Snow storm Pany Switzerland
Then finally the big snow starts again..
Snow storm Pany Switzerland
…so it is almost impossible to make a new track.
On our wish list are another few times Fondue and Raclette
4 days in a row we have to put that much snow away
After 9 years meeting with my uncles Hanshorst and Erich
Skytree Tokyo
On our way back we use the half day stop in Tokyo to visit the city and find the skytree surrounded by clouds…
Senso-ji temple Tokyo
…but even though it is pouring the Senso-ji temple…
Senso-ji temple Tokyo
…is well visited.
And while I am freezing in sweater plus rain jacket these ladies seam to be at ease in their kimono’s and flip flops!
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo
Last stop Shibuya Crossing: we are amazed by the lights and numerous giant screen advertisements and the number and pace of the people rushing by

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  1. Hi Angela & Reto
    It looks like you’ve had a really great winter at home. We’re heading back to New Zealand tomorrow, Vega is in Opua, and hope to get together soon.
    Love Annie & Hugh xx

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