Last shopping during the Lockdown

Locked Down on the Boat

Thoughts and Video during our Lockdown in Malaysia

So, now the complete Lock down has also arrived to Malaysia. Since Apr 1st the second phase is in place, the controls are more strict, thousands (Mar 31: 1100 people) have already been arrested or fined (6 months jail or RMY 1000 (USD 250.-). We read from a man that has been arrested for jogging all by himself. Great!

We are still allowed to go shopping for food, but only one person per car. I don’t have any practice driving on the left side and Reto doesn’t have any practice buying big quantities of vegetables, so we take the chance one day before the stricter measures are put in place and rent a car from the marina. This is also the last chance because the marina closes down the day after.

At the entrance of the market a group of officials checks us. They want to send us home, because we are two people in the car. Then, luckily we get a last warning and are allowed into the market. That was for sure the last time. The good side is that the supply of fresh food is plenty, the choice is like always. We provision well for another 3 weeks. That’s not everywhere done as easily.

Corona Lockdown in Malaysia - Ep 1 (MCO Phase 1 and 2)

Joanna from the Chulugi writes about their situation in India, where already since weeks they have felt everything else than welcome, they are not allowed to leave the boat even for shopping and it is prohibited that anyone would bring them food to the boat. Since people are beaten up on the street when they are caught by the police, less an less would dare to sell them food now.

Our Swiss friends from the Javerne have still been allowed into Indonesia a few weeks ago, but afterwards have been thrown out of every bay by the local chiefs, similar things we hear from the Philippines.

According to an article in the SCMP on Mar 25 by Mercedes Hutton the Thai Minister of Health warns his people that the Western Tourists wear dirty clothes, do not shower properly and are a higher risk than the Asians.

Where is all this going to lead to? Will it still be worth to travel in this world after this crisis? How strong will the prejudices stay anchored in the minds of the people? Which countries are possible to travel to without a mandatory vaccination that hasn’t been correctly tested and validated?

Indeed, I also share the opinion that it is the farang’s – the white Westerners – fault that we are in todays World Wide Corona Crises, that will make many people suffer here in Southeast Asia and everywhere else in the World. If the European Health Ministries and Mass Media were doing their job seriously including a proper testing, complete reporting and sober communication, I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be any need for all these drastic measures around the world.

Also I am afraid. I am afraid that one of our loved ones at home has to go to hospital for whatever reason, and will die because of the panic, the germs and the treatment in isolation, completely ALONE. Without ANYONE of the family.
Since weeks Reto’ mom Felicitas (77) is not allowed to visit her partner in the hospital, they have to meet outside and sit in the cold winter’s wind. How crazy is that?

You see I am angry (and not only because I am not allowed to go jogging all by myself).

Are you happy with the reporting of our media where figures are never put into any relation and only used to create fear?
If not, inform yourself and create your own opinion!
On Apr 1st for the first time in Germany’s main TV channel ZDF virologist Dr. Streeck shares his critical opinion about the current figures (only in German), but there are many more.
The Swiss SWPRS has a collection, also in English, of interesting links to official data as well as articles and statements from specialists around the globe, one of them Prof. Sucharid Bhakdi who shares his Open letter to the German Chancellor (with English subtitels).

Take care and stay healthy!

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