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Wonderful days in Likiep and further on to Ebeye and Kosrae


With an easy night sail we get from Ailuk to Likiep and as soon as visibility is enough we enter the pass and catch two fish, so we are supplied with protein for a few days.

Giant Clam
Giant Clams seem to be frequent in this area

First thing we check out the village and check in with Acting Mayor PJ Junior de Bruhm. A basket full with coconuts and freshly baked cinnamon pasty is already on the table witing for us. We enjoy chatting with PJ and find a first little task for Reto. The only on the island available USB plug for the internet is broken, so it is a rather urgent repair.

The de Bruhms and the Capelles are all descendants from a Portugese and a German who have purchased this place around 150 years ago from the local chiefs. Their influence we still can notice when we compare to the other islands we have been to. Continue reading Wonderful days in Likiep and further on to Ebeye and Kosrae

Exploring the outer atolls Maloelap and Ailuk in the Marshall Islands

And then finally our propeller arrives, the wind is a bit less and more easterly, so we head off for Maloelap, 120 miles further north.
Once outside of Majuro’s pass the waves are everything else than comfortable, we are happy to have eaten already something and we count the hours. Luckily once behind the protection of Aur life becomes a lot better on board.


Japanese gun
The first impression of Tarawa in Maloelap 😉
Traditional houses
Traditional houses next to japanese concrete bunkers..
WW2 buildings
….everywhere in the middle of the village..
WW2 buildings
…integrated into nature…
Traditional houses
…the same as the houses from pandanus and coconut
Air plane cemetary
A few minutes behind the village is the air plane cemetary

In the morning at 9 am we easily enter the pass and need a few tacks to reach Tarawa (Taroa) on the other side of the atoll.

Already from far the canon on the beach reminds us that a lot of war history has been written here in WW2.
Morowina, Forever and White Hawk are already here and we are spontaneously invited for coffee and cake on the Forever and extensive “Sundowner” on the White Hawk.

The next few days we explore the island, tip toe through the air plane cemetary in the jungle and get accompanied by a bunch of kids to see the bunkers on the other side of the island.

Continue reading Exploring the outer atolls Maloelap and Ailuk in the Marshall Islands

Stuck in Majuro

And finally, after having been asked so often by our cruising friends, I give my first “fruit beer workshop”.
Fruitbeer Workshop
The first Fruitbeer Workshop, everybody is highly motivated and concentrated…

My fruitbeer is a fruity, refreshing carbonated drink with approx. 6-7 % alcohol and it is very popular with our sailing friends.

In the workshop I explain the alcoholic fermentation, what the yeast cells – our most important partners in this process – like and don’t like and of course there a loads of samples to taste. Everybody is enthousiastic and produces their own first batch to take home. Continue reading Stuck in Majuro