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Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

Komodo National Park

Gili Lawa Laut in Komodo
Sunset time in Gili Lawa Laut, Komodo

On Sunday morining we finally leave Labuanbajo. We decided against a visit of the Komodo Warans, as I already saw them 25 years ago and Reto feels its to much touristic bustle. Therefore we engine straight over to Gili Lawa Laut in the Komodo National Park, there the diving is supposed to be the best. Once there the park rager help us so we can attach to another boat which leaves an hour later and we get our own mooring. Continue reading Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

Pasarwajo, Buton and Labuanbajo, Flores


Pasarwajo Regierung
The government buildings of Pasarwajo overlooking the bay…
FAD und Moschee in Pasarwajo Bucht
…in which there are plenty of FADs and Moorings for fishing boats

Our next stop is Pasarwajo, on the island Buton just across from Wangi Wangi.

Also here we are immediately welcomed by Rusdi, who probably has had to charter a boat just to come out to see us. Continue reading Pasarwajo, Buton and Labuanbajo, Flores

Amahusu, Ambon and Wanci, Wakatobi

Amahusu, Ambon

Unfortunately our time in Ambon is in the middle of the rainy season.

She San an der Mooring in Amahusu
SHE SAN on the mooring in Amahusu

The wind comes from all directions and funnels over the hills, the rain goes straight into the cockpit due to strong currents turning the boat out of the wind. We are happily sitting inside, enjoying the cooler temperatures and the fast internet… Thanks to our neighbor Santy we have changed to the best mooring in the field and to make sure Reto dives down and checks it. Continue reading Amahusu, Ambon and Wanci, Wakatobi