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Against the wind from Davao to Sorong



The town of Tibanban next to Sigaboy island is a pleasant surprise for us.
In Tibanban in the golf of Davao…
…we are spontaneously surrounded by a huge group of kids,…

As soon as we arrive on the beach with our dinghy children appear from everywhere, interested and curious, but still most of them too shy to try out their school English. Since our Visaya is still 0 we are grateful that Roy and his wife Rannen Lin join them, both speaking English very well.

We agree to come by later and explore the town first. One street behind the beach everything is full with little shops, a market, money changers, gas station, and the people are enormously friendly to foreigners. The town seems a bit bigger than Babak on Samal, but probably a lot less visited by tourists/white people. Continue reading Against the wind from Davao to Sorong