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Short visit to Davao, Mindanao, Philippines

Holiday Ocean View Marina

The entrance to the marina is different from what we have seen so far..
Ocenview Marina on Samal
The entrance to the Oceanview Marina is well protected.

There is a gate and two ropes with floating elements blocking the entrance for waves and unwanted visitors. I have to call Ruth in the office via satellite phone to arrange the gate to be opened.

The workers of the marina come and move the elements, then they wave at us throwing both their arms towards us. We understand the sign as “go away”, keep waiting and wonder what the problem is. After 15 min I call Ruth another time and she tells me “ they are waiting for you to come in”. Ok, so we slowly enter the marina and attach to our berth.

Shortly after we learn that the local sign for “Come” looks like our European “Go away”, no wonder we are confused…

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