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From New Zealand to Fiji via Minerva

Marsden Cove Marina
The sky is clearing up over Marsden Cove Marina, it is time to go
Bye bye New Zealand! Bye bye Blue Lilly!

On Saturday morning a heavy low is just passing New Zealand, the last thunderstorms go over us in the morning hours, and we have just cleared out of New Zealand.

“Awesome start” we think, both a bit insecure with a strange feeling in the knees and in the stomach and a slight headache in addition.

We let the worst blow pass and afterwards losen the lines with the help of Lydia and Hannes from the Blue Lilly. Not having really sailed for more than 6 months we have to swallow a few times, going out with the wind, the current and the waves against us. What a start!

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Another 4 weeks mainly working on She San in the Whangarei area

So being back in the water is nice, but it doesn’t mean that we are finished with work. The priority list is still heavily loaded with must do’s before heading north, so let’s do it.

First priority is to get the sails back up. In order to do so, Reto must repair the lazy bag, where the main sail is stowed when not in use.

Bernina upgrade
“Pimp my Sewing Machine” – the old Bernina is being upgraded

In order to do that he has to finish his project “pimp my sewing machine” and luckily it works out well. within a few hours the old Bernina is running well through several layers of heavy cloths. Thanks to new heavier wheals, new belts and a new walking foot (the only thing that was really expensive…). Continue reading Another 4 weeks mainly working on She San in the Whangarei area