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Our most important Equipment

Insta360 Camera

Most of our videos are recorded with our Insta 360 one x. You can shoot stunning footages that are not possible with a normal camera

For further information just click on the picture below or Order directly via our Link. (when you order here, it is not more expensive for you, but we get a little provison 🙂

Convince yourself on our Youtube Channel SHE SAN Sailing

Indian Ocean - sailing 1000 miles from Komodo to Sumatra

Products from Amazon that we find cool and want to recommend to you

In case you order anything via these links the price for you stays the same while we get a little provision 😉

Technical equipment

Solar controller

All products we have from Victron work without a problem. Victron is therefore our favorite supplier for solar and energy supply

Victron Battery Protect: Contactor for Lithium Installation

Victron Battery Monitor

Bluetooth adapter for older solar controllers

Victron Voltage Sense

A simple solution to transfer the right battery voltage to the solar charger – important for charging Lithium batteries

Victron Inverter 12V 230V 2000W

Useful things in daily life

Daylong sunlotion

Our favorite sunprotection in the tropics – it really works if you put it on once per day

Luci Light

actually not the Luci Light but a chinese copy of it which costs a fraction. We use one at the bow and one at the stern at anchorages, so the fishermen see us and don’t run us over during the night. They charge during the day and have a twilight switch, so they turn on by themselves 😉 (and already last for more than a year now)

Keeping food fresh

Vacuum sealer

For everything that needs to be kept without oxygen or humidity (Meat, fish, cheese, chocolate, tea leaves….)

Toppits Vegetable bags

TOPPITS for keeping vegetagles and fruit longer fresh in the fridge (put a kitchen towel in in addition and change it regularly…)

Weltumsegelung auf einem Katamaran