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Our team of three consists of our dear Catamaran SHE SAN, Skipper RETO and Co-Skipper ANGELA:

Our Catamaran SHE SAN:

SHE SAN is a 43 ft Belize from Foutaine Pajot built in 2003. It was love at first sight.

and what an amazing picture under sail from above!

Even the name we immediately liked, without knowing what it means for a long time. We thought about SHE as in English or the Abbreviation of Safety, Health and Environment. After more than a year Bettina, the former owner cleared the mistery and explained to us that SHE is the snake in the chinese horoscope and SAN the polite ending in Japanese (we had guessed that). Bettina is born in the year of the snake and so is Reto.

RETO – the skipper (commander):

Mahi Mahi Goldmakrele Dorade
Our first Mahi Mahi in the pacific and with 1.28 meter also our biggest!!

Reto was born in Grison, Switzerland and has done an apprenticeship as TV and radio electronics technician and did several years of computer servicing.

At that time he went on the first sailing trips in the mediteranean and started to grow a passion for off shore sailing.

After his extra-occupational studies in Elektrical Engineering he continued as research and development engineer, department head of electrical assembly and later production manager of tooth racks, power tools, electrical control cabinets, ect. and became family father of his two sons Jannik and Fionn.

Then there was a phase of Lean Consultancy for Nestle in Vevey and finally he took on the direction of the tooth rack production site of Wittenstein Switzerland.

Therefore is is clear that Reto is responsible for everything electrical, electronical and the mechanical maintenance on board. Of, course, also the part of killing the fish…

ANGELA – Co – Skipper (Admiral)

Mahi Mahi Goldmakrele Dorade
the longest filet I ever had to take off the skin..

Angela was born in Bavaria, Germany and visited a humanistic secondary school learning Latin as a first foreign language.

After discovering a certain interest for mechanics (through the maintenance of the motorbikes) and also for beer (through the bavarian culture ;-)) she did her master as brewing engineer in Freising Weihenstephan.

Starting as sales engineer for brewery equipment she then joined Heineken Switzerland as Project engineer, then Technical Support, Energy and Environment and Implementation of TPM. After a period of 3 years within Nestle she rejoined Heineken as breweing and quality manager for both production sites in Chur and Luzern.

Having only few sailing experiances she always liked travelling by motorbike, plane, bus or bycicle and enjoyed to explore new countries and cultures and of course also food. Thanks to the early Latin in school she is speaking fluently English, French, Spanish, Portugese and some Italian and enjoying it as well ,-)

Therefore Angela is responsible for the fresh water systems and hygiene on board (but the black water is delegated to Reto…), the  maintenance planning, the navigation and travel route, the provisioning and the communication, photo documentation and blog. Oh yes, of course all the rest of the work once the fish is dead…


3 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hörte schon von Heide daß ihr endlich unterwegs seid. Letzte Info war wie (s.o.) Kanal von Korinth. Mast und Schotbruch Euch beiden. Waren gerade gestern zum Absegeln in Mönkeberg/Kieler Förde. Ab Do drei Wochen Naples FL. Grüße Sabine und Ted

  2. Hello Reto and Angela. It is great to see you guys enjoying life on the seas. It’s truly amazing.

    I hope one day to meet up with you again, perhaps on SHE SAN.

    Take care and many greetings from a very cold Stuttgart.

    Have a blessed Christmas and New year.


    1. Dear Damain,
      great to hear from you. Seems you are doing fine in Germany;-)
      Wish you and your family a great 2019!
      Im sure we will meet up somewhen somewhere. Maybe on SHE SAN or even in South Africa;-)
      Take Care

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