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Easy DIY – Make your own fruit beer

You want to create your own sparkling fruity alcoholic drink? Or you’re sitting in quarantine or lockdown and bored with nothing to drink? Or you have already tried to make your own alkoholic beverages but the result was awful and not nice to drink?

Then learn how I make my FRUIT BEER 😉 from the most SIMPLE ingredients that you can buy everywhere in the world in even the smallest supermarkets. Most probably you even have everything at home (or on board) anyway.

Make your own sparkling refreshing but not sweet fruit beer -lear here how to DIY!
Make your own sparkling refreshing but not sweet fruit beer -lear here how to DIY!

My fruit beer has been approved by 100reds of female AND male cruisers! Why is the AND so special?
Well, many women do not like beer because the bitterness of the hops doesn’t appeal to them – in my fruit beer there is no hops, therefore no bitterness. And men often do not like drinks that are sweet, so the trick is not to make it too sweet.

What is the background?

In the Pacific beer, wine and spirits can be rare and expensive, so I started to experiment fermenting what I had on board (sugar, yeast, fruits/juice) in our first season. Since the production of beer is my profession (I have studied Brewing Engineer at university and worked most of the time in the field), I do have the background to understand what I am doing and pretty fast the product was quite nice to drink and popular amongst our cruising friends.

Why call it FRUIT BEER?

I decided to call it “FRUIT BEER” because the alcohol content is approximately that of a stronger beer (around 6 – 7 %) and because it is sparkling (contains carbondioxide) but you could also call it “alcohol reduced sparkling fruit wine” from the nature of the ingredients and the result.

Fruit beer in fermentation
Fruit beer in fermentation – with a fresh yeast it takes no more than 5-6 days until serving 😉

Where does the alcohol come from?

Here a very short theory in fermentation:

The most important role in this whole process is a very tiny microorganism called yeast cell (latin: saccharomyces cerevisiae =”beer yeast”)).

In the beginning of the fermentation the yeast uses oxygen and sugar to reproduce. That’s good, so more fresh cells are generated to afterwards do what we want them to do.

Yeast reproduction (simplified)

When all oxygen is used up the yeast switches over to the alcoholic fermentation and

the yeast transforms

or more exact: Glucose -> Ethanol + Carbondioxide
(C6H12O6 -> 2 C2H5OH + 2 CO2)

That’s good because we both want the alcohol as well as the carbondioxide which makes the beverage sparkling

So what does that mean for the production of a FRUIT BEER?

Attention, apart from the ethanol (the “pure” part of the alcohols) at each fermentation also additional products are created, which are responsible for the headache ect. when consumption is too high. These also include methanol which in the worst case in too high dosis can result as toxic and life-threatening. More in the chapter “Serving”.

What’s so brilliant about it?

The brilliant thing is that you:

  • easily get all the ingredients everywhere in the world,
  • do not need any complicated or special tools, therefore
  • do not need any additional space
  • can easily find a variety of different tastes
  • will get out a refreshing but nevertheless alcoholic drink in 5 to maximum 10 days

You’re courious? Here’s the content of my complete guide to make your own sparkling fruity beer:

Content How to make DIY fruitbeer
Content of my complete guide Easy DIY – Make your own Fruit Beer

Don’t you find that everywhere in the internet? Fruit wine and cider, yes, but something like my fruitbeer I haven’t found yet. If you support us and contribute EUR 9.90 you will get access to the complete guide and I will support you personally for any questions.

It’s worth it – here’s what my earlier students say:

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I wish you a lot of fun and success brewing and experimenting!

Yours Angela
from the Lockdown in Malaysia

Make your own sparkling refreshing but not sweet fruit beer -lear here how to DIY!
Make your own sparkling refreshing but not sweet fruit beer -learn here how to DIY!

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