What to bring to NZ

Some interesting things we learn about NZ Biosecurity in the two months before travelling to and arriving in New Zealand.

>> When you are insecure – just show it to customs – in the worst case it will end up in the garbage bag and in the best case you can keep it

We are finishing up the “forebidden” food like fresh veggies and milk products during the last lunch before arriving in Opua.

do not bring (or declare and dispose):

  • fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products
  • meat fresh, frozen or preserved
  • seeds, nuts and honey
  • dried beans, chick peas and lentils (unless they are parted and cannot germinate any more)

ok to bring:

  • fresh or frozen fish from the sea
  • meat – if originally packed and from NZ
  • dairy products – if originally packed and from NZ as well as milk powder
  • meat in cans (unless it contains bones)
  • paté (if it doesn’t need to be refrigerated)
  • dried fruits (when they are obviously dry)
  • vegetable pickles self preserved in glasses (I could keep my green beans preserved in vinager and the chillis in liquid in glasses)
  • seeds and nuts when they are baked in bread already (then they cannot germinate any more)
  • bananas when they are baked in a cake (I had a fresh banana cake just standing on the stove at arrival…)

other items to consider:

  • our shell necklaces from French Polynesia and the Caribbean lambi shell were not of any interest
  • our pepper sprays we had to give away
  • don’t forget to clean your running, hiking shoes, bicycles, tents in order to not to bring any earth or sand

Therefore start eating your lentils and chick peas early enough!

What food can you bring to New Zealand, what not?

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