Big Buddha Phuket


Southeastasia – from the Philippines to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

During Covid we were blocked out from Malaysia during 18 months. The rest of our journey from Malaysia to Turkey via the Golf of Aden and the Red Sea is documented in our new webpage in German, but there is a Google Translator that works very well ;-).

Here to the overview of Asia on the German page and of all our blogs throughout Africa as well as the arrival back in Turkey after 7 years of circumnavigation.

Sonnenaufgang über Langkawi

Sailing is Freedom, right?

I generally like to do what I feel like doing. Unfortunately, sailing and living on a sailboat is not always a matter of liberty and …
Last shopping during the Lockdown

Locked Down on the Boat

Thoughts and Video during our Lockdown in Malaysia So, now the complete Lock down has also arrived to Malaysia. Since Apr 1st the second phase is …
Manta Ray on our dive in Gili Banta

Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

From Labuan Bajo we move over to Komodo, where we experience a dramatic dive accident, snorkel and dive with Manta rays and sail nonstop 1000 …
Ambon Amahusu Ukulele kids

Amahusu, Ambon and Wanci, Wakatobi

Amahusu, Ambon Unfortunately our time in Ambon is in the middle of the rainy season. The wind comes from all directions and funnels over the hills, …
Doom island kids

From Sorong to Ambon

Sorong Check in preparation in Doom Arriving in Sorong we have 15 to 20 knots winds from the south so we happily duck behind Doom Island, a …

Weltumsegelung auf einem Katamaran