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Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

Komodo National Park

Gili Lawa Laut in Komodo
Sunset time in Gili Lawa Laut, Komodo

On Sunday morining we finally leave Labuanbajo. We decided against a visit of the Komodo Warans, as I already saw them 25 years ago and Reto feels its to much touristic bustle. Therefore we engine straight over to Gili Lawa Laut in the Komodo National Park, there the diving is supposed to be the best. Once there the park rager help us so we can attach to another boat which leaves an hour later and we get our own mooring. Continue reading Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

From Kosrae to the Philippines via Pohnpei, Lamotrek, Elato and Yap

Cruising in Micronesia is NOT as easy and nice as we had expected. Although the people in Kosrae are enormously friendly we are extremely pissed to wait for 10 days to get our cruising permit extended (by the Pohnpei immigration officials). Of course by then the better weather windows have passed. We wait another 3 days for what we hope to be an acceptable window promising winds of 12 knots of trade winds and leave for Lamotrek, more than 1000 miles further West.

But after the first 20 hours of sailing the wind is completely gone, so the engine has to do the work. More than 2 days of running the engine later we decide to stop in Pohnpei to get more Diesel and to wait for a better window.

Check-in Pohnpei
Together with the Foxy Lady we experience the process of checking in/out of Pohnpei

The first day we spend with the check in process, the officials all want to see us but some of them take quite a while to show up. Good coincidence however that the Foxy lady ties up to us for check out and we all spend the time waiting chatting, having coffee, cake and beer and sharing the experiences of the past few weeks. Continue reading From Kosrae to the Philippines via Pohnpei, Lamotrek, Elato and Yap

Wonderful days in Likiep and further on to Ebeye and Kosrae


With an easy night sail we get from Ailuk to Likiep and as soon as visibility is enough we enter the pass and catch two fish, so we are supplied with protein for a few days.

Giant Clam
Giant Clams seem to be frequent in this area

First thing we check out the village and check in with Acting Mayor PJ Junior de Bruhm. A basket full with coconuts and freshly baked cinnamon pasty is already on the table witing for us. We enjoy chatting with PJ and find a first little task for Reto. The only on the island available USB plug for the internet is broken, so it is a rather urgent repair.

The de Bruhms and the Capelles are all descendants from a Portugese and a German who have purchased this place around 150 years ago from the local chiefs. Their influence we still can notice when we compare to the other islands we have been to. Continue reading Wonderful days in Likiep and further on to Ebeye and Kosrae