Malaysia: At the end of the CMCO we go anchor up after 3 months in Telaga and prepare the boat for leaving it alone – Language German with English Subtitles

Sailing 🦠 LOCKDOWN MALAYSIA 😷 - Ep 6 (Preparing our Sailboat to leave LANGKAWI 😢)

Malaysia: During the CMCO we accept the challenge to hike up the Machinchang
Language: German with English Subtitles

Malaysia 🇲🇾 Hiking the MACHINCHANG 🔝 (Gunung Mat Cincang) ⛰ during CMCO Lockdown in Langkawi - Ep 5

Malaysia/Thailand: My new favorite recipe is the Thai Som Tam Salad which is made from the green papaya and or mango
Language: German with English Subtitles

Thai 🇹🇭 Green Papaya Mango Salad - Som Tam Papaya / Mango 🌴 (easy to prepare) 😋

Malaysia: In the 8th and 9th week of lockdown we are allowed to go jogging and cycling, Reto has to go up the mast to check our forestay and we eat out for the first time. Language: mainly German with English subtitles

CMCO 😷 Lockdown in Langkawi Malaysia 🇲🇾 Ep4 - (GRATEFUL for running, biking and eating out)

Malaysia: In the 6th week of lockdown we make water in the rather dirty anchorage, find our anchor chain all grown full with barnacles, go shopping with the bicycle and learn about ramadan. Language: mainly German with English subtitles

MCO Lockdown in Langkawi Malaysia - Ep 3 (MCO Phase 4)

Malaysia: During a pretty strong thunderstorm several yachts slip through the anchorage. One of them is the unmanned yacht Huia, which comes to a stop on the ground not far from SHE SAN. Language: German with English subtitles

Yacht Huia stranded during Lockdown in Malaysia (Re Upload)

Malaysia: The lockdown continues, we go shopping with the bicycles, have navy and police around, get into heavy thunderstorms and live our day to day “locked away life on board”. Language: German with English subtitles

Corona Lockdown in Malaysia - Ep 2 (MCO Phase 3)

Your hair is getting too long? Learn from Reto (in only 5 minutes) how to cut short womens hair (the video has been officially aprooved by Sandra, my hairdresser in Switzerland! Language: German with English subtitles

Ladies hair cut - Learn how to cut short hair (in 5 minutes)

Malaysia: Now it also caught us! No, not the virus, but the lockdown. Here our experiance from the day before the closure until the day before the second phase. Language: German with English subtitles

Corona Lockdown in Malaysia - Ep 1 (MCO Phase 1 and 2)

Indonesia: We anchor in the Waecicu bay in Labuan Bajo where we enjoy the Indonesian National Holiday, the Waecicu reggae bar and surrounding mountains. The highlight is the wedding of Nyta and Benny where we join the wedding blessing ceremony at church, the afternoon coffee and the huge wedding reception and are warmly welcomed into the family.

Labuan Bajo and the Traditional Indonesian Wedding of Nyta and Benny

Malaysia: Thanks to self made pretzels, self made wheat beer, white sausages (Weisswürste) from Thailand and imported sweet bavarian mustard we celebrate an original Bavarian “White sausage breakfast” (Weisswurstfrühstück) in Langkawi.

White sausage breakfast in Malaysia - original Bavarian!

Indonesia: From Banta between Komodo and Sumbawa we sail the Southern route through the Indian Ocean to Sumatra. 8 days and 1000 miles with the wind almost always from behind, Parasailor (Spinnaker) sailing, the biggest accident we had so far on oard and a bird with diarrhea. In Sumatra we arrive at the Southeastern corner at the Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation Park. There we are welcomed by a turtle who makes us curious about the wildlife in the TWNC park. – link to the corresponding blog Komodo via Sumatra West to Aceh

Indian Ocean - sailing 1000 miles from Komodo to Sumatra
Penang Georgetown: What to do in 3 days - Virtual Reality Video (360 VR)

SHE SAN Sailing Adventures Channel Trailer UPDATE 2019 (360 VR)

Pasar Wajo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia - SHE SAN Sailing (360 VR)

Wanci, Wakatobi National Park, Indonesia - SHE SAN Sailing (360 VR)

Amboina Ukulele Kids sing Nusaniwe Tanjong Alang on SHE SAN, Ambon - SHE SAN Sailing (360 VR)

Ambon Ukulele Kids play for their Mayor, Ambon, Indonesia - SHE SAN Sailing

Stunning Wayag in Raja Ampat, Indonesia - SHE SAN Sailing (360 VR)

#shorts #Ailuk #Sailing #Canoe s #Marshall #Islands

#Dolphins on our way to #Kiribati #shorts

Ein Jahr Atlantik from SHE SAN on Vimeo.

2000 Meilen Mittelmeer from SHE SAN on Vimeo.

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