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From Iboih, Pulau Weh to Langkawi and Georgetown, Penang

Pulau Weh, Aceh

At anchor in front of Pulau Rubiah, Iboih

Right in front of the Island called Pulau Rubiah in Iboih we drop our anchor. Only the following day we find out that we are a bit close to the snorkeling spot for the local tourists, the little boats go back and forth the whole day from 9 to 5 and shake us around every time they pass.

Pulau Rubiah Snorkeling
Snorkeling tourism on Rubiah Island
Super friendly Maritime Police from Banda Aceh
Captain and crew of the Maritime Police Banda Aceh on Weekend exercise

Most of the snorkelers wear an orange swim safety jacket and long clothes. Here in Aceh a very conservative Muslim religion is practiced and the Sharia law is in place.
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From Sorong to Ambon


Check in preparation in Doom

Arriving in Sorong we have 15 to 20 knots winds from the south so we happily duck behind Doom Island, a place recommended within the sailing community.
Doom island kids
Friendly kids on Doom island…
Doom Sorong
… Village road in Doom…
Tahu and Tempeh
…and we buy our first fried Tahu (Tofu) and Tempeh (Tofu with whole soy beans) – really tasty and for sure healthy too!!
Jhons house
In front of Jhon’s house

Until a few years ago the check in process in Sorong was known for long waiting times and bribing was common but we read that this has changed completely nowadays.

After talking to three other cruisers who were both happy using Jhon from Doom Island as a translator we go over to talk to Jhon.

Having figured out the distances between the different offices we don’t understand why we would need to take a rental car for RUP 100’000.- (USD 7.-) an hour, so after a bit of discussion we agree with Jhon that he comes with us, but we go by local transport.

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Short visit to Davao, Mindanao, Philippines

Holiday Ocean View Marina

The entrance to the marina is different from what we have seen so far..
Ocenview Marina on Samal
The entrance to the Oceanview Marina is well protected.

There is a gate and two ropes with floating elements blocking the entrance for waves and unwanted visitors. I have to call Ruth in the office via satellite phone to arrange the gate to be opened.

The workers of the marina come and move the elements, then they wave at us throwing both their arms towards us. We understand the sign as “go away”, keep waiting and wonder what the problem is. After 15 min I call Ruth another time and she tells me “ they are waiting for you to come in”. Ok, so we slowly enter the marina and attach to our berth.

Shortly after we learn that the local sign for “Come” looks like our European “Go away”, no wonder we are confused…

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