Whangarei town basin

Whangarei and via Auckland and Hongkong to Munich

Whangarei Town Basin

We immediately like Whangarei. For me it is small enough to feel at ease but also big enough to get almost everything a sailor needs after having spent 10 months on the islands of the South Pacific.

Whangarei town basin
Whangarei Town basin seen from She San`s mast
Sunset is only after 8 pm!i
And also in NZ the outrigger canoes are still a popular sport

A few corners from the Marina we find all the specialists we are looking for, there is the Canvas shop selling UV resistant zippers, several stainless steel welders, car shops, plumbing shops, etc.

Next to our cosy marina in the town basin is a large and cheap Pack`n Pay supermarket offering a huge variety and many good deals. Every time I have to hold myself back in not buying too much and to remind myself that I don’t need to provision for the next 6 weeks on some remote island… The Pack`n Pay is open 7 days until the evening hours, so there is no more risk to run out of beer, meat or veggies.

Searching for spare parts though we find out that it is worth to seriously compare prices, as some imported items are ridiculously more expensive than in Europe or US. The Jabsco toilet spare parts set (very important!!!) for example is EUR 40.- in Europe and EUR 80.- in NZ…

Complete revision of the stove…

On many items on our „wish list“ we find out about the price, take a deep breath and look for a different solution. After taking everything apart, cleaning, greasing very often we get the things working again, like our stove, the sewing machine, the tiles pumps…

For the next days we know what to do – the revision of the genua furler is a new experience…
…but finally the furler is ready to be mounted again – and what a joy – it turns easily and without crunching sounds…
Whangarei heads
Hiking in the Whangarei Heads with Franzi and Pesche

The larger job is the overhaul of our genua furler. We know a new one is about USD 3000!, so that’s not the first option.

We take it off the forestay, and start taking out the outer oil seal, that already takes almost two days. Then we face a series of circlips and purchase two circles plies, but of course the rather cheap ones. As a consequence we take a few hours in extracting the outer circlips…

After 4 days of work the fuller is back on the forestay, and we are proud and happy. Material cost for bearings and dealings about 100 USD.

Churrasco brasileiro – Vivi and Felipe from the Carapitanga spoil us with loads of meat and beer 😉
During the Sailors Meet and Greet event the children show us their repertoire of Maori singing.

Hiking and biking in and around Whangarei

Whangerei from the view point
Whangarei falls
The Whangerei Falls are really worth a visit, and a beautiful hike or bike ride from Whangarei
During the hikes we find several shoe cleaning machines – the earth is not supposed to be carried to other places even within NZ..
The Mair park can be reached by foot, bike or even paddelboard (but only at high water as you can see here…)
The pedestrian bridge in Pataua is nice but I do not recommend to go there by bike from the south…
…but fortunately the north route back to Whangarei is easy with a lot less traffic.

Also for hiking and biking the area around Whangarei has a lot to offer.

From the Mount Parihaka lookout to the Whangarei falls or out at the Whangarei heads there are many shorter or longer trails, as always in great condition.

In the meantime the marina is full with friends, we have a lot of fun in good company.

In the third week in addition the marina teams puts up a new little pontoon with a bbq.

“An excellent idea”, says Reto, “now we can meet our friends and new cruisers and don’t have to clean up the boat between the series of projects…”

For the last few days we have to clean up nevertheless because we leave for a home visit.

Auckland City Visit

Auckland Skyline and harbour – we start to understand why it is called the City of Sails
Auckland ferry building
The Ferry building
Christmas is coming soon…
Indian lunch – yummy!
Auckland sky tower
Sky tower from below…
Auckland sky tower
and the bottom part
Auckland sky tower
View from above…
Auckland Maritime museum
Some examples of the first ships around here…
Auckland Maritime museum
and some new ones like the Black Magic, the first boat winning the America`s cup for NZ

On Monday, the 11th of Dec we take the bus to Auckland for some sightseeing there.

Being our first city since Panama City we have first to get used to the bustling streets, the noise and the traffic..

We wander around town, visit the Sky tower and spend almost one day only in the Maritime Museum.

On Tuesday night we hop on our plane to Hongkong, where we arrive after a good sleep in the comfortable Air NewZealand Economy seats with foldable leg.

Hongkong City Visit

At 8 am Hongkong time we find ourselves looking around a bit puzzled in the middle of the morning traffic at Hongkong Central.

Hongkong from above…
… freezing like crazy on Victoria Peak.
The Stanley Market – we find it ok, but not really worth the long trip to the other side of Hongkong island.
Hongkong swimming restaurant
The swimming restaurant in Aberdeen
Man Mo Temple
Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple

Stunned we look at the crowd hectically moving through the streets
Chinese impressions..
A small market in Central

We decide to get on a Hop on Hop off Bus and explore the City the easy way.

Even though the clouds are deep and it is drizzling a bit first thing we head up to Victoria peak to get an overview- what a luck we find later when we see the crowds queueing for hours just to get up there.

Then we visit the Stanley market at the south side of Hongkong island and hop on a Sampan boat ride through the Aberdeen harbor.

On our way to the Man Mo temple the traffic picks up, the bus gets stuck and we decide to do the rest by foot.

Hongkong skyline
In the evening the skyline starts to become colourful…
Hongkong skyline
…and everybody competes to have the most beautiful light show..
Hongkong skyline
the raindeer is one of our favorties
Nach weiteren 12 Stunden Flug kommen wir at our arrival at 5.30 am surprisingly my sister Gaby and her friend MArkus pick us up – of course with a welcome balloon and two Calanda beers 😉

In the first evening hours we admire the Christmas decorations from the other side of the bay.
Then our first jet lag catches up with us and we head back to the airport.

Around midnight again we take the plane to Munich, have another good sleep and leave the baggage hall at 5.30 am.

A few hours later at home we enjoy our first white sausage and wheat beer!!!

Not expecting anyone I know I spot my sister Gaby and her boy friend Markus, of course holding a welcome balloon and 2 cans of Calanda beer!
The surprise is enormous!

After two more hours we arrive in my home town, where we buy Pretzels, white sausages and of course Bavarian wheat beer. After some coffee and a hot shower we enjoy the first „Weisswurst -Frühstück“ (Bavarian breakfast) in more than two years…

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  1. Wonderful photos. I really enjoyed reading the blog and hearing what you’ve been up to. Happy Christmas and New Year. Annie & Hugh xxx

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